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Tempered Glass Screenprotector Sony Xperia Z3 0,33mm

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Product Description

PANZER Premium Tempered Glass is the ultimate protection for your device. Panzer Tempered Glass is REAL glass and is NINE times harder than ordinary glass (9H) – the is the strongest material available in the market. (it is the strongest material available in the market)
PANZER Tempered Glass gives you an almost invisible device protection with a thickness of only 0,33mm. Tempered Glass is 150 % more scratch resistant than steel.
PANZER Tempered Glass is very easy to apply to the device. If you need to redo the application, no worries. If the Glass breaks, the Panzer Tempered Glass will break into small pieces that are not sharp due to the ANTI-SHATTER construction.


Ultra hard material 9H
Bubble free
Dry application
Case & cover compatible

Clarity / Haze 99%
Hardness 9H
Transmission 99%
Thickness 0,33mm

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Tempered Glass