PANZER – elegant screen protection for Apple iPhone

With the elegant screen protection from Panzer, you get the ultimate protection for your Apple iPhone 6S and 7. There are several different models to choose from – all with the innovative Anti-Shatter film, which keeps any broken pieces in place, should the screen protector break.
PANZER Premium Silicate Glass covers the entire surface of your Apple iPhone 6S/7 from edge to edge. The screen protector is just 0.33 mm thick and easy to fit. The innovative Silicate Glass is a whole 60 % stronger than standard tempered glass and therefore provides the best protection on the market.
PANZER Premium Full-Fit Curved Silicate Glass features curved glass and 3D edges, which perfectly cover your smartphone’s screen from edge to edge. It provides an even more elegant look and prevents dust and dirt from accumulating behind the screen protector’s edges.

PANZER Premium Tempered Glass is the original and popular screen protector from PANZER – made from 0.33 mm thick tempered glass, which is more scratch-resistant than steel.  A whole nine times stronger than standard glass. Very easy to fit, without any glue or liquids needed.

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